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High Strength Fence Post Concrete

A quick, easy and ready to use out of the bag pre-blended High Strength Fence Post Concrete suitable for all types of fence & gate post including wood, metal & concrete.

  • No mixing required, just add water
  • Achieves >40N after 28 days
  • Factory produced - consistent & premium quality
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Packaging contains a minimum 30% recycled content

The amount of 40N-ECOFIX required will depend on the size of the hole & post e.g. 1 bag = square post 10CM (4") with a hole 20CM (8") wide x 75CM (30") deep.

70 x 16KG bags per pallet.

Our products are supplied in showerproof polythene bags which are suitable for outdoor storage.

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There are 70 bags per pallet.
Each bag is 16KG.
A pallet containing 70 bags is 1.12 tonnes.
3 pallets - alternatively call us on 0808 1000 321 to arrange to collect one pallet.
Nine months - each bag is stamped with the date & time of production.
Detailed instructions can be found on the outside of the bag - if you have any questions please call us on 0808 1000 321.

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